Costa 580 Sunglasses

Extraordinary color definition and visual sharpness...

No stranger to cutting-edge angling optics, Costa Del Mar has extended its range of Costa 580 polarized lenses with the addition of green and blue mirrored finishes.

As with all Costa sunglasses, the patented 580 lens technology improves visual acuity by allowing the eye to take in more of the wavelengths that enhance vision - the red, blue and green areas of the light spectrum - while reducing intake of harsh yellow light. A combination of polarization and proprietary technology that incorporates an advanced filtering system right into the lens material, the COSTA 580 lens allows higher light transmittance, delivering extraordinary color definition and visual sharpness through significant reduction of obtrusive glare.

Like all of Costa's other mirrored lenses, the mirror is embedded between layers of glass to prevent scratching and wear. In addition to the new blue and green colors, the lenses are available in the original copper and gray versions.

Suggested retail for the new lenses, in a number of Costa Del Mar's popular frames, range from $209 to $259. For more information, visit