Bee Creek Portable Fly-tying Station

The all-in-one solution

Let's face it, working on flies for hours on end while hunched over a vise can wreck your back, and nothing is more tedious than tying while uncomfortable. Few of us have the luxury of a dedicated tying desk that we can modify to fit our needs, but in an effort to eliminate body fatigue at the vise and provide a customizable work area, Bee Creek Ltd. developed its FT System One portable fly-tying station.
Constructed from high-quality stainless steel and aluminum, this unique stand allows tiers to work from almost anywhere they choose - from the comfort of a sofa or favorite chair, at a table or even out in the field. Tiers can easily adjust the FTS One's height up to 36 inches for a completely custom fit. The entire stand weighs less than 9 pounds, making it highly portable whether you move it around the house or take it on the road. The stand folds compactly with the turn of a knob and a bend at the base to store in a closet, fit in a suitcase or in the back of a car. This system works with any vise and makes an ideal teaching tool at tying clinics. The FTS One retails for $195 and includes a tool tray and six 3.5 Dram storage vials. It is backed by Bee Creek's "forever" warranty.
For more information, write Bee Creek Ltd. at P.O. Box 161446, Austin, TX 78746; call 800-397-0855; or visit