Everol Canyon Special

All Everol reels are handcrafted one at a time in Italy.


When fishing for big game, power is everything. Unfortunately, in most cases, power equals bulk. Ideally, what you need is a reel with the capabilities of an 80 but the size of a 30. The new Everol Canyon Special is just that – a 4/0 two-speed reel that has the drag capability of a 9/0 reel. Everol’s beefy drag components are constructed from rugged, heat-dissipating carbon fiber ensuring power and durability. There are three drag settings on the side of the reel that correspond to the amount of line on the reel as indicated by notches on the spool; this gives anglers the ability to precisely control the amount of drag at any given moment. With a full spool, the maximum drag is just under 40 pounds; half and empty are just under 80 and 120 pounds respectively. All Everol reels are handcrafted one at a time in Italy. Starting at $810.00;


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