Don't Go Overboard

As most big-game anglers know, the possibility ofbeing pulled overboard by a large tuna or marlin is a very realthreat. Now a company called A1A Boating Services has inventedtwo new devices that protect anglers and mates from such a disaster.The MateSaver (shown) is a lightweight, comfortable harness designedto be worn by the wireman during the end stages of the fight.It's constructed of rugged 2" nylon webbing and featuresstainless, welded D-rings for attaching a safety rope. The harnessis easily adjustable and retails for $80. The AnglrSavr is a similarsafety harness that also serves as a fighting harness. It complieswith all IGFA rules and meets ORC specifications. It's availablein Adult ($130) and Junior ($110) sizes, and comes with specialdrop straps for attachment to fly rods, spinning rods and otherlight-tackle outfits. A1A Boating Services, Boca Raton, FL; (561)392-8765;