CW Baby Crab

Crab Snack


Crabs are a favorite meal for a variety of gamefish such as striped bass, permit, bonefish, tarpon cobia and snook to name a few.  At times, you can throw numerous live baits, cut baits and lures and a fish won't even consider eating it. When they want a crab, they want a crab and nothing else. The CW Crab was developed not too long ago and was actually molded from an actual blue crab.  Because of it's realistic appearance and swimming motion thanks to the trademark keel of the lure, this artificial has created quite a stir among the angling community. Chuc Wilkinson, is the brains behind the original version has now come out with a smaller "Baby CW Crab" that is deadly when fish are keying in on smaller crabs.

It's available it three versions - a sinker, a floater and a suspender and is also available in four colors - Calico/Lady, Light Green, Dark Green and Natural Blue. So now, there's no excuse to not have a proper artificial crab offering when the fish get picky and want a fancy dinner. For more information visit