Charles Industries Samaritan Portable Heart Defibrillator


The Samaritan AED is a new, portable heart defibrillator from Charles Industries and HeartSine Technologies. The compact, lightweight (4.2 lbs.) unit is easy to use thanks to clear, concise, step-by-step voice and message prompts that direct users through the defibrillation procedure. The Samaritan's optional Data-Pak battery delivers 12 hours of operation time and stores patient data, which can be downloaded for evaluation by medical personnel when they arrive on-scene. The Samaritan AED comes with a soft carrying case, 2 sets of pads, a quick-reference card and an operator's manual. Retail price is $2,199, with the Data-Pak battery selling for $289.99. Charles Industries, Rolling Meadow, IL; (847) 806-6300;