Cha-Raider Lures

New Gear


The new Cha-Raider trolling and jigging lures from Barefoot Baits should be just the ticket for wahoo, tuna, sailfish, kingfish, yellowtail, striped bass, grouper and more. The lures feature no diving lips or rattles, and are designed to swim silently and straight - like a real baitfish. Cha-Raiders come in many colors and sizes, from the 5" Sardine to the 10" Herring. The smaller lures are ideal for slow-trolling and deep-jigging, while the larger versions are designed for fast trolling. Tandem-hook, big-game rigs and spinner-blade "tails" are available on some models. Barefoot Baits, Wilmington, NC; (910) 392-1683.