April '09 New Electronics

Fusion's MS-CD500 CD Stereo CD/MP3 and GXM 51 from Garmin


Listen up!
Fusion's MS-CD500 CD Stereo CD/MP3 ($399.00) handles CD, CD-R and CD-WR and MP3 playback. Equipped with disc skip protection and seaworthy knobs and control panel, it's been designed especially for marine service. It's also Sirius Satellite Radio-ready and includes an AM/FM tuner. The optional MS-IP Dock ($49.99) is an external, waterproof iPod dock that accepts most iPods. The base unit drives up to four separate audio zones with 70 watts of output each, so it's scalable for any size boat. Volume and sound quality can be controlled independently zone-by-zone, or in combination. The addition of the MS-WR100 wired remote control ($149.99) puts the same controls that are on the stereo head where you want them, allowing adjustment and programming in each audio zone or in selected areas. www.fusionelectronics.com.

Weather Package

The GXM 51 ($699.99) from Garmin is a weather and audio XM satellite receiver with plug-and-play NMEA 2000 connectivity and installation. The self-contained antenna eliminates the black-box component, and it's powered directly through the NMEA 2000 bus. As well as conventional pole or surface mounting, it can be installed with an under-deck mount. With the appropriate XM subscription, more than 20 different types of weather information, such as NEXRAD, lightning, wave height, water temperature, wind data and more are available for display on the chart plotter. It's compatible with Garmin's 4000/5000-series plotters. The all-in-one package includes the GXM 51 antenna, 6 meters of NMEA 2000 audio cable, pole mount, under-deck mount, surface mount, mounting hardware, NMEA 2000 T-connector and NMEA 2000 terminator. www.garmin.com