In Photos: Gulf of Mexico Overnight Fishing

Extend your range and your fishing beyond the limits of a day trip with careful planning.

Multiday Mission: By making an offshore trip a two-day affair, you maximize time on the water, and save fuel.Scott Sommerlatte
Go Big: Spending the night lets you put in the time necessary to coax the bigger fish into the feeding mode.Scott Sommerlatte
Red Opportunity: Red snapper provide lots of great action, but pay attention to the ever-changing Gulf snapper regulations.Scott Sommerlatte
Pelagics Too: Overnight trips offer chances at pelagic species like blackfin tuna too, not just bottom dwellers.Scott Sommerlatte
Assortment of flutter jigs and bucktail jigs, plus jigging spoons and sabikis (not pictured), are easy rigs to use to catch baitfish.