Salt Water Kids VII

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November 17, 2011
Macie Ann Parrish, 8
Hamilton, Texas
Macie’s grandmother, Faye Corrado, reports that this nice redfish came on her granddaughter’s very first saltwater fishing trip, to the Port O’Connor jetties, and Macie 1 is now totally hooked. She got up at 4 a.m. telling everyone to hurry up because “We’ve got fish waiting!” On one catch, in her excitement she slipped off the side of the boat and found out what that life jacket was for. Says Corrado, all Macie’s family hears now is “When are we going back?” Find out how to nominate a kid here!

High Goals

Josh Boyer, 7
Billings, Montana
Josh 2 has set high fishing goals for himself, spending every second he can in his backyard fine-tuning his skills. Josh accomplished his first goal last November, when he caught a walleye that currently holds the IGFA world record for junior male anglers 10 and under. His second goal was to catch a fish larger than he is. He reached this goal last March when he caught this chunky wahoo while fishing in the Bahamas with his grandfather and mother.

Personal Best

Nolan Bouchard, 10
Marstons Mills, Massachusetts
There’s nothing more satisfying than catching quality fish in your home waters, and Nolan 3 enjoys fishing in the waters off Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, near his home. Each fall for the last three years he has participated in one of the most venerable fishing competitions in the land, the Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby, winning numerous daily and weekly awards. Recently he caught this personal best 30.6-pound striped bass while fishing from his father’s boat.

Catcher of Weird Cod

Sara Chemi, 10
Derry, New Hampshire
Last year off Massachusetts, Sara 1 and her family were fishing for cod. Here’s her story: “I was jigging for cod when I got a bite. So I started reeling it in. The cod kept getting heavier and heavier. It took me a while to get it to the side of the boat. You know what I found out? I had caught seven or eight dogfish and a cod head! It was my first sighting of such a natural phenomenon! It was also the weirdest cod ever.” Sounds like you got to see the food chain in action, Sara!

Hooked on Marlin

Austin Gies, 11
Chesapeake, Virginia
In August, Austin 2 and his family were fishing about 20 miles off Key Largo, Florida, looking for dolphin, when Austin hooked a blue marlin on 20-pound-test. He fought the marlin for 40 minutes but eventually released the fish boat-side. His father says Austin was completely exhausted after the fight, and his left arm hurt for several days afterward, but the experience made such an impression on him that his dad is sure Austin will tell his children someday and take them fishing too.

Family Striper Tradition

Gus Weiner, 10
Washington, D.C.
For Gus’ 3 10th birthday present, his grandfather Merv Weiner (a member of the Greater Cuttyhunk Island Striped Bass Club) gave him a special striped bass trip off Cuttyhunk Island, Massachusetts, a destination Gus had long heard tales about and dreamed of fishing out of. With both his father and grandfather aboard Capt. Duane Lynch’s charter boat, Sea Hawk, Gus caught his first striper, a fat 17-pounder, on a 1 a.m. tide while trolling a plug at the Sow and Pigs shoal. It would be hard to guess who was the proudest member of that trio.

Seeking an Inshore Slam

Nick Strano, 8
Easton, Pennsylvania
Just before Nick’s eighth birthday, his dad, Harry, took him fishing at J.N “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge, on Sanibel Island, Florida. Neither of them had any real Florida fishing experience, but after a few fishless days, Harry bought Nick a lucky redfish cap. They took a kayak out to explore and found tailing reds right away. Several fish pulled Nick all around the front of the kayak, and he was beaming. Later that day, Nick asked his dad, “When are we going to catch a snook?” He’s a quick learner.

Raised on Blue Water

Mackenzie and Madison Langdon, 4 and 5
Shillington, Pennsylvania
Mackenzie and Madison fish with their dad, Matt, out of Dewey Beach, Delaware, and Marathon, Florida Keys. Matt says they don’t let too many weeks go by without at least one run to blue water. Mackenzie and Madison recently caught their first-ever yellowfin tunas while fishing offshore of Delaware on the family boat, O’Fishal, with their dad and grandfather. That’s a feat many adults would love to accomplish. Look for the Langdon sisters to become accomplished offshore anglers.
I went to Fourchan, Louisiana for a kingfish tournament with my Grandmother, my Grandfather, and my Dad. First of all I couldn’t have done this without my teacher Mrs. Hamill who helped me to do two days of schoolwork so I could go. Flying to Louisiana was only part of the fun. The most amazing sights were the oil rigs far offshore. The oil rigs were inhabited by many kinds of fish and sharks and all the oil rushing through the pipes made a loud sound. They were gigantic and had people living on them, some were big enough to be cities! The levy and the Mississippi River were cool too. Catching the biggest fish I’ve ever caught was exciting, but the best part was being with my family. I liked helping our team catch the fish. I took pictures and wrote in a journal. I think this is notable because it is such an awesome adventure. Rob Woithe, age 8
John and Michael Darby with redfish caught off of Hilton Head Island, SC. Find out how to nominate a kid here!
Andrew and Matthew with a nice flounder caught while surf fishing on Ocean Beach, NJ.
Morgan Dempsey (age 13) with a 17-pound red snapper. Morgan is from Orange Beach, Alabama.
11-year-old** Jake** caught this 31-pound king salmon on the Columbia River – unaided until our guide netted it boatside.
Leighton loves to fish for trout and redfish in South Louisiana. This summer he went offshore for the first time and caught this triggerfish.
Five-year-old Cooper Cook and his friend Mark Mathieu after Coooper’s first overnight fishing trip off the coast of Louisiana.
Joshua Canby (age 5) caught his first dolphin live baiting while on a family vacation out of Marathon, Florida
Ryan Pfeiffer (age 6) hooked and caught this 40-pound bull red off Dixie Bar near Ft. Morgan, Alabama on a live crab. This was his first redfish ever! MacKay (age 8) was very proud of her brother.
Joseph Farrell (age 9) and Dustin Powell with a 37-inch, 26-pound redfish in East Bay, Bay County, Florida.
Austin Joyner (age 9) of LaGrange, NC, on the water for a day of fishing with his dad and step mom at East Rock on the east side of Cape Lookout.
Sydney and Trey Wallace from San Antonio, Texas. They took their Daddy fishing for his birthday out of Port Aransas.
10-year-old Bobby Kohls on a fishing trip to Hawks Cay in the Florida Keys.
11-year-old Mason Dice of Marrero, LA, caught this blackfin tuna out of Venice at the Titan floating platform.
Three-year-old Timmy Kidwell with a speckled trout he caught in September near the jetties of Little Creek inlet in Norfolk , VA.
Shea Mullaney (age 5) of Myrtle Beach, SC, hooked this baby blacktip and later assisted in reeling in a 20-pound bonnethead shark.
Jeff’s grandson with a 42-inch snook that he was very proud of and happily released to battle again. He will remember it forever and often tells the story.
Nick Strano, just before his 8th birthday at Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel Island, Florida, this past June.
Hayley (age 13) and Tyler (age 9) have grown up fishing Mobile Bay and the Mobile Delta.
Six-year-old Hanna Weller from Denver, PA. The picture was taken on the Outer Banks this past June in Frisco, NC.
Grace Shelledy, 14, with one of her first saltwater fish on the west side of Cumberland Island, GA
Sydnie Sayward (age 12) from Wells Maine loves to share her time on the water with her friends. Find out how to nominate a kid here!

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