Charleston Redfishing

The highs and lows of Charleston’s year-round redfishery.

The telltale sign of a feeding redfish in Charleston's Low Country.
Feeder creeks, like the one pictured, spread into the marshes and provide habitat for redfish up to 15 pounds.
Charleston is easy to get to and should be an easy sell to non-fishing companions, or anyone who appreciates interesting history and rich culture.
Redfish remain in small creeks, belly-crawling across the mud, until every drop of water exits on the falling tide.
Small flies that offer a lot of ­movement and land soft are the best bet for Low Country redfish.
Wading can be an extremely effective way to sneak up on spooky Charleston, South Carolina redfish.
For nearly all situations, an 8-weight will get it done. But throwing a 9-weight in the wind or a 7-weight on a super-slick calm day can be advantageous to landing healthy reds.