Mosquito Lagoon Reds

Don't miss the redfish blitz in this Florida hot spot

October 17, 2011
Mosquito Lagoon Red 1

Mosquito Lagoon Red 1

Captain Troy Perez displays a sweet 20-pound class redfish caught in the Titusville area of the Mosquito Lagoon. Representatives from Quantum and Fin-Nor hosted a spectacular morning fishing trip for Salt Water Sportsman where new gear was tested and performed flawlessly. Over fifty plus redfish were caught and released in only three hours time. The gang left them biting, though some anglers had “one-more-cast” syndrome that left them late for lunch! Nick Honachefsky
John Kushnerick of Quantum reels battles a feisty redfish to boatside. Nick Honachefsky
Captain Perez puts a new Fin-Nor rod to the test. Nick Honachefsky
The channel bass were pouncing all over flutter spoons in the off-color waters. Nick Honachefsky
Salt Water Sportsman managing editor Nick Honachefsky played catch and release all day with the reds. Nick Honachefsky
A beautiful Mosquito Lagoon red. Nick Honachefsky
Sport Fishing managing editor Stephanie Pancratz is all smiles as she puts another red on deck. Nick Honachefsky
The big bulls were jumping on spoons, topwaters and bucktails all morning long. Nick Honachefsky
The telltale markings of a redfish. Nick Honachefsky
Large schools of reds were pushing water and popping up and down in the sunny weather, making for some prime time sightcasting opportunity. Nick Honachefsky
Dave Ferrell, editor of Marlin magazine, forgot about billfish for one day to tangle with the reds. Nick Honachefsky
Nick Honachefsky’s arms were worked out from battling big bulls on light tackle Fin-Nor rods and reels.
Quantum’s John Kushnerick had his fill of tussling with giant reds. Nick Honachefsky
Doug Olander bagged the largest redfish of the day – a 40-pounder – that hit a Halco Hamma plug. Nick Honachefsky
What a pig! For sure, the biggest redfish of the day! Nick Honachefsky

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