Yamaha Test-Drive

Checking out the latest engines in Sanibel

August 18, 2011
yamaha event_01.jpg
Yamaha hosted a test-drive event in Sanibel Island, Florida, where attendees could air out the engines on a variety of different boats.
yamaha event_02.jpg
The Big Top “Test Drive” tent is where the fun went down.
yamaha event_03.jpg
Pursuit craft at the dock ready to go full throttle.
yamaha event_04.jpg
Mid-size craft such as this Scout powered by Yamaha 200 HP handled superbly.
yamaha event_05.jpg
Even skiffs like the Ranger powered by Yamaha 75 HP had serious power and stability at high speeds.
yamaha event_06.jpg
The vessel Ocean, also powered by Yamahas, from National Geographic show “Shark Men”. The Shark Men were the guests of honor.
yamaha event_07.jpg
Denny Wagner, engineer of the Ocean, shows off the hooks needed to bring one-ton great white sharks into the boat for scientific research.
yamaha event_08.jpg
Chris Fischer, expedition leader, at the helm of the Ocean.
yamaha event_09.jpg
The crew of the Ocean and Yamaha enjoying some time on deck.
yamaha event_10.jpg
The Ocean’s Safe Boat outfitted with 115 HP Yamahas gets the crew out of precarious situations when needed…
yamaha event_11.jpg
Such as picking up rope-jumpers when they land in the water!
yamaha event_12.jpg
Denny Wagner shows off the tight turning radius of the Safe Boat with twin Yamaha 115’s on the back.
yamaha event_13.jpg
The crew of the Ocean and Yamaha enjoying some frosty beverages and good times.
yamaha event_14.jpg
The Boca Grande Tarpon circus. Tarpon stack up big time, but so do the boats.
yamaha event_15.jpg
Team Yamaha hooked up with a silver king!
yamaha event_16.jpg
yamaha event_17.jpg
Tournament angler Shaya holds tight to a tarpon.
yamaha event_18.jpg
Can you spot the tarpon in this picture?

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