Flatties On Fly

You are likely to hit pay dirt if you can locate where a wave-beaten sandbar drops off into a deeper hole or trough, as this is a prime point for halibut to lie in wait.
California Halibut

California Halibut

This halibut took a fly fished over a sandy pothole.Loren Elliot
One of the keys to targeting halibut is finding areas of calm water. Spots like this are where halibut like to feed.
Two-handed rods can be useful tools for getting flies in the calmer water past the breakers.
The periods of water movement on either side of a low tide provide the magic combination of moving water to concentrate halibut, as this angler found out.
While targeting halibut, don't be surprised to pick up a surfperch or two, as they will readily take the same types of flies.