The Resilient Gulf

Glenn Hughes, publisher of Sportfishing, Marlin and Saltwater Sportsman, and BP officials sample still awesome Gulf Coast fishing for tuna, kings, amberjack and sheepshead.

February 6, 2012
gulf outing_01.jpg
A morning dark and dreary but a group ready and cheery as (from left) Glenn Hughes, David Cresson, Geir Robinson, Jeff Angers and Joe Wein wait for Capt. Rimmer Covington’s 39-foot SeaVee ( to pull away from the dock. Doug Olander
gulf outing_02.jpg
Robinson strikes first blood on a trolled Ilander-and-ballyhoo combo, as the mate on this trip, Capt. Scott Sullivan, waits with gaff at the ready. Doug Olander
gulf outing_03.jpg
gulf outing_04.jpg
Next up: Bonnier’s Glenn Hughes. Doug Olander
gulf outing_05.jpg
Another nice blackfin comes in, the heavy gray skies not dampening the bite or our spirits in the least. Doug Olander
gulf outing_06.jpg
Fly guy finds fun fishing – Casting flies he tied himself, Robinson found smaller species of tuna – like this little tunny in the chunk line – great fun on the long stick. Doug Olander
gulf outing_07.jpg
End game after a long, nasty battle for Joe Wein is simply a good look at a big shark. We saw plenty of these fellows around (and hooked a couple others) during the course of the day. Doug Olander
gulf outing_08.jpg
Blackfin were also eager to strike deep-diving plugs, as Jeff Angers proved with this catch. A GoPro2 provided the unique angle for the shot. Doug Olander
gulf outing_09.jpg
During one of two quick jig stops, Robinson put it to a hefty amberjack, then slugged it out for 15 minutes or so. Doug Olander
gulf outing_10.jpg
The moment of truth: Tensions run high as David Cresson wears down the day’s true trophy-size yellowfin. With the fish finally tiring and near the boat, Sullivan (left) and Rimmer Covington wait with gaffs ready. Doug Olander
gulf outing_11.jpg
Victors and vanquished. After a battle of at least an hour, arm-weary but triumphant Cresson savors the moment with Sullivan and Covington. Doug Olander
gulf outing_12.jpg
Covington guesses the big fella’s weight at 177. The scale later put it at 176. Not bad for a guess – nor for Cresson’s first yellowfin over 20 or so pounds. Doug Olander
gulf outing_13.jpg
Day 2, 10:30 a.m. We finally headed out into the marsh in two skiffs, a good three hours later than we’d hoped thanks to a drizzle and thick fog that had set in during the early hours of morning. Doug Olander
gulf outing_14.jpg
I check to see that my GoPro is working and it is, taking this shot which indicates the wind, rain and chill. Doug Olander
gulf outing_15.jpg
But no matter! We fish! We catch! It’s all good! Once again, it’s as true for inshore as for offshore waters: The phenomenal productivity of the area means not catching fish is rare. Here, Angers admires a redfish that grabbed my Z-Man PaddlerZ soft plastic. Doug Olander
gulf outing_16.jpg
The same lure produced a surprise catch: a nice-sized sheepshead. Doug Olander
gulf outing_17.jpg
How sweet it is, as Cresson checks out Robinson’s very first redfish on fly. Meanwhile, Hughes tussles with another. Doug Olander

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