Tow Pen Tuna Tactics

Targeting Bluefin tuna south of San Diego

Tuna Town: Free-roaming bluefins following the growout pens northward provide reliable quarry for charter boats. Photo by Ron Ballanti
School Days: Targeting as many as a dozen tuna pens as they move northward puts Southern California charter-boat anglers into productive fishing for school bluefins. Photo by Ron Ballanti
Rail Time: Southern California charter boats reliably carry anglers into Mexican waters. Photo by Ron Ballanti
Bait Stop: Anglers take on live bait with a stop at the bait barge before moving on to make the run to the south. Photo by Jim Hendricks
Big Opportunity: Late in the season, fish weighing up to 120 pounds are possible. Photo by Bill Roecker
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Illustrations: Joe Mahler/; Photo by Ron Ballanti
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Baitfish Illustrations:: IMAGEZOO / ALAMY; WILDLIFE / ALAMY
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