New Gear from June Issue

June 25, 2014

Grip and Grins

For those times when you don’t have two hands available, the 50-pound Mechanical Fish Gripper **from **Rapala offers -convenient one-hand -operation. Use the -gripping end to pull open the jaws of even the toothiest fish, lift to accurately weigh your catch on the easy-to-read spring-loaded scale, and then safely release it to fight another day with the quick-release mechanism. The soft-grip handle provides slip-resistant comfort, and the aluminum construction ensures durability. $31.99;

Flicker Minnow

Developed by pro anglers, the Berkley Flicker Minnow builds on the standards set by the trusted Berkley Flicker Shad for a new line of minnow baits that dive deeper with maximum flash. The elongated body and increased internal weight casts with bulletlike precision, and provides a swimming action and that mimics fleeing baitfish. The larger and steeper lip allows a deeper retrieve than other baits. Available in two sizes in 12 pro-selected colors. **$5.95; **

Lenses That Pop

The ChromaPop line from Smith Optics **introduces its new **ChromaPop Polar and ChromaPop Polar Blue Mirror lenses. ChromaPop advanced polarized technology blocks color intersections so the brain does not have to work as hard to decipher color, which increases visual clarity and reduces eye fatigue. Engineered for the avid fisherman, the anti-reflective mirror coating eliminates back glare and backside reflections to maximize fish-spotting opportunities, while the lens coating repels water, dirt and grease, improving your view on the water. Prescription lenses also available. $209;

Solar Shine

Small, eco-friendly and tough enough for boating and the outdoors, the solar-powered LED SolLight RailLight from **Davis Instruments**** **illuminates cockpits, cabins or decks without the need to drill holes, run wires or charge batteries. The RailLight installs in minutes with its QuickMount system and features a waterproof-sealed, epoxy-coated stainless-steel housing and a built-in power sensor. It even serves as an emergency beacon, and floats if it’s dropped overboard. SolLight RailLight Premium, $39.99; RailLight Mini $29.99;

Performance Reel

Arribe Fishing‘s **1200 Lever Drag reel **integrates durable yet lightweight construction, an advanced IsoDrive Gear System, a patent-pending ProTactive Drag System, and a fail-safe instant anti-reverse. The composition and machining, including a heat-treated aluminum frame housing with nine high- precision SKF ball bearings, and gears designed for perfect alignment under the heaviest loads, yield a reel that is not only strong but exceptionally light at 17 ounces. $779;

Split Decision

The new XLXH (extra-large, extra-heavy) split-ring pliers from Texas Tackle **handle the largest 300-pound split rings, such as those used to battle 800-pound giant bluefin tuna. The SR-5XLXH model’s high-quality surgical stainless-steel construction guarantees durability and corrosion resistance, and features box-joint construction, spring-loaded handles, and a hardened and polished triangular wedge that makes changing split rings and treble hooks easy. ** $22.99;

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