Tie the Tarpon Streamer

Captain Bill Smith's version differs slightly from the Stu Apte Tarpon Fly.

This Tarpon Streamer is almost identical to the Stu Apte Tarpon Fly. The only difference is that Bill’s version is tied farther forward on the shank. Stu’s pattern is tied more toward the bend, which leaves a bit of the shank exposed. The most difficult aspect of this pattern is getting the hackles to align evenly.
1. On both sides of the shank, tie in a yellow, orange and another yellow hackle.
2. Tie in a yellow and an orange hackle to palmer the remaining exposed shank.
3. Grip the yellow and the orange hackle and palmer them both down the shank.
4. Trim the excess hackle tips, build a small nose, whip finish, and apply head cement.