Sea Level Rise

March 1, 2013
Sandy’s wake was no doubt devastating. As countless reporters and writers have already noted, Sandy didn’t take pity on anybody. We can only hope that the proper conservation measures are being taken to preserve the marine environment. Every barrier plan that has been presented would reduce exchanges of New York’s estuarine waters with the ocean.
Stress relief comes in many forms, and to feel normal again, many Northeast residents retreated to the water shortly after the storm. The good news is that most of these anglers found plenty of bass. Let’s keep our fingers crossed it stays that way.
High costs aren’t the only things that come with coastal living. Those who choose to live in close proximity to the sea are much more susceptible to the curveballs thrown by Mother Nature.
Determining what to do in order to be better prepared for a future storm of Sandy’s caliber obviously shouldn’t be taken lightly. It should be a collective effort that takes all aspects into consideration before rash actions are made.

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