Southeast Florida Snook Fishing

Stuart might offer the best fishing for Florida’s most popular game fish.

Rufus Wakeman caught this chunky snook around one of the bridges near the Crossroads.Pat Ford
The State of Florida has managed snook conservatively since the population of fish was hit hard by cold weather a few years ago. Some estimates put the loss of adult snook at 50 percent. But that conservative philosophy seems to be paying dividends, as the fish become more plentiful and larger in average size as time goes on. Mapped, Stuart, Florida is still a snook stronghold.Alan Kikuchi
Gentle Handling: Keep snook in the water when releasing them to minimize damage to the fish. The less handling, the better.Pat Ford
Top lures for snook in Southeast Florida. Not pictured, the D.O.A. 3-inch glo-shrimp is another top presentation.
Shrimp Cocktail: Snook love soft, plastic shrimp imitations, like those from D.O.A. Lures.Pat Ford