In Photos: Nantucket Bass Ride

John Brownlee

Beach Bass

Spider Andresen nets a wire-lined striper for the author as the SFTV camera crew captures the action.John Brownlee

Wire Techniques

Catching striped bass on wire-line rigs requires a lot of technique. First, you must pay out the right amount of Monel wire line attached to the right-size jig for the water depth. Next, you must impart a pronounced action to the jig to make its skirt flare up as it rises and falls with each sweep of the rod, eliciting strikes.Joe Mahler /

In the Basin

The Nantucket Boat Basin provides everything a traveling fisherman could possibly need or want.John Brownlee

Down with Wire

The author prepares to release a bass he caught off Sankaty Head using a highly reliable method, wire-line jigging.John Brownlee