Florida's Gulf Snapper


Go Light

The author chose light plug tackle to best this fine red snapper over an artificial reef.By Capt. Dave Lear

They Come for Chum

Frozen Boston mackerel cut into chunks makes perfect chum for snapper.Capt. Dave Lear

Big and Plentiful

The average size of individual red snapper appears to be on the rise.Capt. Dave Lear
Use subsurface swimming lures like the Shimano Waxwing, Rapala Glidin’ Rap or Sebile Magic Swimmer when fish are down in the water column. Bomber Badonk-A-Donks, Heddon Super Spooks or MirrOlure Top Dogs are ideal for surface presentations.

Throw Hardware

When chummed into a feeding frenzy, reds will eagerly strike an artificial lure.Capt. Dave Lear

Check the Law

Gulf fishing regulations change often, so check before you goCapt. Dave Lear