Fly Fishing Catching on in Persian Gulf with Opening of Academy

Persian Gulf Academy

Confirming the growing popularity of salt-water fly fishing with residents of the Persian Gulf, the sport is set to become a permanent fixture at the Le Meridian Al Aqah beach resort with a second semester of a designated school in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates.

Located on the beachfront at the hotel, the Fujairah Salt Water Fly Fishing Academy is run by celebrated fly-fisherman Martin James, winner of the Lord Mason's Illuminated Scroll, and aims to offer anglers of varying abilities both an insight and tuition in the sport.

"With its densely populated and flat waters, the Gulf is perfect for this style of fishing," said James. "Fujairah, in contrast to Dubai and the windy West Coast, is particularly suitable and these factors therefore played a fundamental role in my decision to locate the academy here."

The academy therefore offers a range of courses and tuition and covers all aspects of the sport, from the various methods of tying knots, to the mechanics of casting and the use of floating, sinking and intermediate lines. The longest programs, which last for three days and are inclusive of two night's accommodation at Le Meridien Al Aqah, are available at both a beginner's and advanced level. The three-day program is set to run from November 15th - November 17th and again from November 19th - November 21st.