Fishing with Autopilots

Autopilot features help you catch more fish

August 18, 2015
fishing with autopilot
An autopilot is your teammate on the water. Jim Hendricks

An autopilot system relieves the skipper of the tedium of steering the boat and allows him to focus more attention on finding fish, advantages offered by autopilot systems from companies like ­Furuno, Garmin, Lowrance, ­Raymarine and Simrad.

While not a license to fall sleep at the helm, autopilot is a great navigational tool that frees skippers of the tedium of constantly manning the wheel. Autopilot also proves valuable when navigating in limited visibility conditions, such as fog or dark of night. The electronic pilot steers a course straighter than I could even hope to maintain, which allows me to focus more attention on the radar with the idea of avoiding approaching hazards my eyes can’t detect.

But whether trolling a rip for striped bass, downrigger fishing for king mackerel, slow-trolling for sailfish or high-speed trolling for wahoo, autopilots also make outstanding fishing tools. When networked with a GPS/chart plotter, a ’pilot assists with helm duties, improves fuel efficiency and allows you to focus on catching fish.

fishing with autopilot
Preprogrammed patterns are a huge benefit when trolling. Jim Hendricks

One of the greatest ­advancements in autopilot technology, the ability to steer the boat in preprogrammed patterns, provides a huge benefit while trolling. Furuno’s NAVpilot-711C system, for example, offers the FishHunter mode that performs figure-eight, orbit, spiral, square and zigzag patterns relative to a point you specify.

fishing with autopilot
You can have full control of your autopilot settings. Courtesy Furuno

With many autopilot systems, you don’t need the traditional control pad/display. You access the system through a networked multifunction touch-screen display. In fact, the Lowrance Outboard Pilot has no control pad. Everything runs through the display and a wireless remote. Many captains, however, feel more comfortable with a dedicated ’pilot control pad at the helm as a safeguard against a malfunctioning MFD.

Here are four top-of-the-line ­autopilot systems available today.

Garmin GHP
Garmin GHP-20: $4,049.99 Courtesy Garmin
Furuno NAVpilot-711C
NAVpilot-711C: $3,370 Courtesy Furuno
Evolution ev-200
Evolution ev-200: $2,899.99 Courtesy Raymarine
AP2403 VRF
AP2403 VRF: $2,499.99 Courtesy Simrad

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