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Recipes for Fish

Learn the best recipes to turn your catch into a tasty meal.

“I want to make a cook out of every angler,” says chef Brandon McGlamery, and that is precisely what he strives to accomplish in “Angler’s Galley,” the exclusive column that appears in the pages of Salt Water Sportsman and online Salt Water Sportsman's website.

Each fish recipe represents an original creation, presented in the season when you are most likely to catch the fish featured. Drawing upon his talents as an award-winning chef and his passion as a lifelong angler, McGlamery developed each recipe specifically to provide every angler, with even those with the most basic cooking skills, a fresh combination of ingredients and preparations that are sure to be a hit on the table.

Every month, a new fish recipe appears in “Angler’s Galley,” which provides a complete list of ingredients with simple step-by step instructions. Additionally, each column is augmented with an online video depicting the various steps required in preparation, so viewers can see just how it’s done in real time. It’s an innovative approach to cooking fish and a great way to make the most of your success on the water.

A large part of McGlamery’s innovative approach lies in the basic simplicity of each recipe. Complicated processes, extensive preparation and overall difficulty have been eliminated, in order to assure every aspiring cook’s success, and make every angler twice the hero: once when you make the catch and provide the makings for great meal, and again when you bring these creative and delicious recipes to the table.

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About the Chef

Brandon McGlamery

Brandon McGlamery is head chef and partner of Luma on Park and Prato in Winter Park, Florida, as well as the author of 9 Courses.