TOP SHOT : Morehead City, North Carolina

Photographer Tom Spencer heads off Morehead City for both offshore and inshore adventures.

June 8, 2015
Loading gear to go cobia fishing at Cape Lookout Tom Spencer
Dolphin on the Diamond Girl Tom Spencer
At Cape Lookout, people come to camp (as seen in background) on the beach. This secluded area is only accessible by ferry boat. Tom Spencer
Fish House in Cedar Island, North Carolina Tom Spencer
Sometimes Tom makes it in the photos, too. Here, he’s seen with a nice red.
Les Collins putting out his spread for fishing the drum of Cedar Island, North Carolina. Tom Spencer
Chuck Laugheridge about to hook a shark on fly, while Andy Boyd and his son Davis watch the action. Tom Spencer
Shrimp trawlers are iconic sights of North Carolina, but they also offer opportunities to catch fish. Tom Spencer
Capt. Jud Brock (left) and Capt. Seth Vernon (right) are two of the most knowledgable light tackle saltwater guides on the Cape Fear Coast. They have guided me on some incredible fishing adventures from North Carolina to the Florida Everglades. Tom Spencer
A bird’s-eye view of Capt. Jud Brock and Griffin Williford fishing the shallows. Tom Spencer
Capt Jud Brock holding the reward, as we call it, Cape Fear copper. Tom Spencer
Capt Jud Brock guiding Griffin Williford to a school of redfish. Tom Spencer
The North Carolina coast offers some incredible views. Tom Spencer
Capt. Jud with angling buddy Griffin Williford check out some of the usual spots around Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. Tom Spencer
Capt. Jud in his Fly Boatworks F-18 gets to the flat in a hurry. Tom Spencer
It’s called the “Crystal Coast” for a reason. Tom Spencer
Ben Riley with a nice dolphin on the leader Tom Spencer
Griffin Williford and Bobby Brown checking out a Atlantic sharpnose shark caught under a baitball before releasing it. Tom Spencer
Griffin Williford releasing an Atlantick sharpnose shark caught at Cape Lookout. Tom Spencer
Bobby Brown catching menhaden for live-bait fishing. Tom Spencer
The area around Cape Lookout offers some of the best saltwater fishing in the state throughout the entire year. Probably best known for the fall season, people from all over come to chase false albacore on fly and light tackle. Tom Spencer

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