East Cape, Zihuatanejo, San Jose

Fishing Report East Cape, Zihuatanejo, San Jose

Report: East Cape
This week's action produced a mixed bag. The groups working the beaches found a few small roosters willing cooperate and take a fly. Inshore a few dorado showed up and even a couple pompano. Further offshore there were a few tuna if you found the right porpoise school. Billfish picked up again later in the week with several boats reporting multiple releases. Last weeks sailfish flurry seems to have petered out.

Baja on the Fly

Water temperature 71-78

Air temperature 60-89

Humidity 40%

Wind: 7 mph / 11 km/h from the WNW

Conditions: Scattered Clouds

Visibility 10 miles

Sunrise 6:37 a.m. MDT

Sunset 7:52 p.m. MDT

Magdalena Bay , Baja Mexico

With the wind still ripping out of the west, it was less than wide open action. Tuna offshore moved a few miles closer. At the Entrada there were a few small yellows under the bird schools. Up in the Esteros, a few corvina, leopard grouper and of course the cabrilla were all that could be found for the few anglers fishing.

Water temperature 62-71

Air temperature 66-75

Humidity 94% Wind: WSW 15 mph

Conditions: Scattered Clouds

Visibility 3 miles

Sunrise 6:42 a.m. MDT

Sunset 8:03 p.m. MDT

Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
This is turning out to be one of our slowest month of May ever. The 82 degree blue water is still just 5 to 6 miles off the beach and the 80 degree clean water is all along the inshore area. But, the game fish still have not shown. We are only averaging about 1 sailfish per boat, no tuna, and no dorado. The blue marlin fishing has been doing very well however. We are only averaging about a total of 10 to 12 boats a day going out fishing. At least 3 or 4 of those boats are fishing inshore, with the rest in the blue water. Of those in the blue water, we are getting at least 3 to 4 hooked blue marlin a day, and landing one.

One of the reasons the catch ratio is low, is because the big marlin are often taking the baits on the sailfish gear, and are spooling the reel. I did have a great day on the water with fly fishing client Josh Vincent from Michigan. We targeted the black skipjack tuna inshore with a 9wt. Casting to the schools of breaking fish, Josh was averaging a fish for every 4 casts.

Baja on the Fly report
by Ed Kunze

Water temperature 80 - 84 Air temperature 78 - 91 Humidity 83% Wind: West 13 mph Conditions: Scattered Clouds Visibility 5 miles Sunrise 7:20 a.m. CDT Sunset 8:06 p.m. CDT San Jose, Guatemala Action heated back up this week with multiple sails showing up in the pattern. and in closer to shore. The boats going out during the past several days all experienced releases of more than 20 sails per day. Two of the three had multiple shots at Marlin and released a couple. With a short run to the fish of 17 and 22 miles the anglers had plenty of time to take advantage of the bite. Throw into the mix picture perfect weather and you got an almost perfect Guatemala week.

San Jose, Guatemala report
by Brian Barragy and Lissa McFarlin

Water temperature 78 - 82

Air temperature 82- 86 Humidity 94%

Wind: WSW 6 mph

Conditions: Light Drizzle, Scattered Clouds

Visibility 6 miles

Sunrise 5:36 a.m. CST

Sunset 6:22 p.m. CST