DIY Flat Sinkers

Make sinkers that stay on the bottom


  • Egg sinkers, variety of sizes
  • Sturdy long-shank hooks, sized to sinker
  • Side cutters and a hammer
1. Choose a hook with a shank slightly longer than the egg sinker and clip the hook, just beyond the start of the bend.Illustrations by Steve Sanford
2. Insert the hook shank into the egg sinker. Hook shanks with barbs hold best if you can locate the right size.Illustrations by Steve Sanford
3. Hammer the sinker flat so the hook shank is secured inside.Illustrations by Steve Sanford
4. To make a slip sinker, use only the straight part of the hook shank, then place the flattened sinker in a vise and use pliers to pull the hook shank out.Illustrations by Steve Sanford