Catches of Note

Dueling Grander Marlin off Bermuda

Two blue marlin over 1,100 pounds were hooked in the space of 20 minutes off Bermuda in July. The first fish fell to Captain Alan Card’s Challenger with Bermuda native Cummings Zuill in the chair. Zuill, a retired bank executive, fought the fish for two hours and reported it came to the boat near death. A crane was needed to weigh the enormous fish, which tipped the scales at 1,199 pounds.

The second marlin, hooked moments later on the Argus Bank on Captain Allen DeSilva’s, De Mako, saw 19-year-old New Jersey resident Justin North in the fighting chair. With his father Stan snapping pictures, the college student put the brakes on the huge fish and brought it boatside in one hour and 40 minutes where it was tagged and released. DeSilva estimated the fish’s length at over 13 feet and its weight at between 1,200 and 1,300 pounds!

The Bermuda record for blue marlin is 1,352 pounds, but no one can remember two granders being caught in a day, never mind at the same time.