Scout 170 Costa

The first in an all new line of flats boats from Scout.

Scout 170 Costa

Scout 170 Costa

The 170 Costa is the first model in an all-new series of flatsfishing boats from Scout Boats, and it's a peach. Keys legend StuApte has been intimately involved in this 17-footer's design, andit quickly becomes obvious that this boat was built by a fishermanfor fishermen. Apte says they asked him what he wanted in a flatsboat, and they incorporated everything he suggested.

The 170 Costa incorporates a ventilated hull, which can achievespeeds of up to 50 mph with a two-stroke 90-hp outboard, isextremely quiet and dry, and features a particularly skinny 7-inchdraft. The stepped hull features a flared bow to deflect spray, areverse transom and a deadrise of 8 degrees.

In addition, the boat is loaded with a number of standardfeatures that are quite innovative. Most intriguing is the firstfully integrated, retractable bow-casting platform that sits 11inches over the deck when deployed and measures a full 31 incheswide and 27 inches long. In its upright position, it allows accessto a large storage area. This new design gives anglers a sturdy,reliable, quickly deployable platform for elevating them to theoptimum casting angle.

The 170 Costa sports a convenient cooler positioned under themolded forward center console seat and offers enough undergunwalerod storage for as many as 12 rods. Other features include aself-bailing deck, aft deck bench cushion, and carpeted gunwalewalls to protect rods and reels and to reduce noise when removingand storing them. Storage is abundant on the 170, with a massiveaft deck dry storage box, generous dry bow storage underneath thecasting platform, and a standard aerated baitwell on the stem portside large enough to be used as a release well. There is also spacefor an optional baitwell on the starboard side.

A unique Stu Apte Signature Edition is currently in developmentand will include a special option package, custom graphics and aKevlar hull to further reduce weight.


LOA: 16'9"
BEAM: 6'2"
DRAFT: 7.4"
WEIGHT: 975 pounds
FUEL: 30 gallons
POWER: 90-hp Yamaha
BASE PRICE: $20,028 (w/engine)

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