Andros Boatworks Abaco 16

The Abaco can be customized any way you like and is built one at a time

April 8, 2011


All fly-fishermen know that having a stable platform to cast from is crucial when stalking spooky game fish on the flats. The new Abaco 16 from Andros Boatworks provides that and a whole lot more for shallow-water enthusiasts. The boat can be poled along quietly, and when it’s time to move, the craft can get you to the next spot quickly and comfortably. Just like all of the boats in the Andros fleet, the Abaco can be customized any way you like and is built one at a time by builders who always pay extra-close attention to detail.

**Running and Fishing
**The Abaco 16 is a stealthy poling skiff that feels and rides like a much larger flats boat. The skiff has a 7-foot-3-inch beam and a soft entry that provide anglers with a quiet and stable platform to fish from. Because of this unique design, the boat tracks very well, making it a joy to maneuver with a push pole. The stand-ard Abaco skiff comes fully loaded with many must-have fishing features, including both livewells and release wells that are customizable, undergunwale lighting, undergunwale rod storage, and plenty more storage both forward and aft.

Running this wide-beamed skiff is a pleasure. It has the ability to get you where you are going in a hurry, and it turns well, with minimal slide. This skiff is capable of reaching a speed of 47 mph with a 90 hp engine and into the mid-30s with a 60 hp engine, giving anglers a broad spectrum of engines to choose from.


Trim tabs are an option but certainly not necessary, given the width of the hull. The hull runs flat, which allows you to jack the motor up high and run safely in extreme shallows.

**Design and Construction
**The layout of the new Abaco skiff is quite different from that of most skiffs on the market today. One aspect about this craft that should appeal to a wide variety of fishermen is that the Abaco’s entire deck, livewells, release wells and storage areas can all be configured however the customer wants. This skiff is built with high-quality resins and knitted biaxial materials throughout. The hull bottom and hatches are both cored with Divinycell, giving the boat extra strength without adding excess weight. The stringer grids and transom are made of Coosa board, a very strong, high-density fiberglass-foam material that won’t break down or rot. The decks and heavy-duty rub rails are installed using Plexus adhesive, which provides a permanent bond and also reduces noise while running. All of the hardware and fittings are top-quality 316 stainless steel. Each Abaco has a custom-made wire harness constructed from tinned copper wire, specifically designed to last in harsh saltwater conditions. An added perk is that all of the pumps and their components are top quality and installed with quick-release plugs, making the skiff extremely easy to maintain.



WEIGHT……540 lbs. (hull)
FUEL……22 gals.
MAX HP……90

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