Honda 115 HP Outboard

The BF115 is available in 20- and 25-inch-shaft models...


Drawing on ­technology from its in-line, 4-cylinder, 2.4-liter, dual-overhead camshaft Accord automobile engine, Honda has rolled out a new 115 hp four-stroke outboard. Available in 20- and 25-inch-shaft models, the BF115 features ­multiport electronic fuel injection to control ignition timing and fuel flow. It also comes with Honda's BLAST and Lean Burn Control technologies; BLAST advances ignition spark timing to within 1 degree of knock limit during full ­acceleration; lean burn ­maximizes fuel efficiency at cruise. The BF115 also comes with a 55 amp alternator and ­automotive-style oil pump. Anglers may purchase an optional variable-speed troll-control button, installed by dealers. The engine's ­electronic control unit is also NMEA 2000 compliant. BF115 pricing starts at $12,818. Call 770-497-6400, or visit