What about flying with flies?

What are the current airline restrictions concerning tackle?

Jose Periera of Miami asks:

Q: What are the current airline restrictions concerning tackle?

Lefty: The biggest problem I've found is that there doesn't seem to be a "standard" set of rules for airports. Each airport seems to follow different regulations, and people on the various shifts interpret the meaning of the rules differently.

One thing is certain: Flies are not allowed on the plane at any airport. At least one angler I know of had his fly line stripped from the reel and confiscated. For a hefty fee, they will send the questionable items.

If you want to be sure that your tackle and gear will arrive, there are two answers. First, if your destination is in the United States, you can ship the gear there ahead of time.

The other option is to put all your gear in checked luggage. For years I have been taking two bags instead of one. I put half my clothes and gear in each. That way if one bag doesn't arrive, I at least have something to cope with. It also helps to purchase luggage that will accommodate your travel rods in their protective tubes.