Twisted leaders worth the trouble?

If you are a pretty good caster, I don't think you need them...

Q: I was hoping to get your take on twisted [furled] leaders for throwing big flies in the salt. Are they worth the effort and expense?

Dick Marten

A: If you are fair caster, twisted leaders may help, Dick, but if you are a pretty good caster, I don't think you need them. The key to making a leader turn over is to understand that a fly line is a flexible weight that unrolls toward the target. Poorly designed leaders often fail to turn over properly because there is not enough flexible weight in the leader.

The butt section should be flexible, heavy and half the length of the total leader. For an 8- or 9-weight outfit, use 50-pound monofilament. Try 60-pound for 10-weights and heavier. The best material is premium monofilament. Compare the lines of several brands, and select one that is both flexible and fairly thick in diameter.

Leader construction is not too important when using a weighted fly. The fly's weight will turn over the leader.