Best single rod for all-around saltwater fishing

The rod size really depends upon the kind of fishing you will do.

Q: I want to get into saltwater fly-fishing but only want to buy one rod. Can you advise which one I should purchase?

-Kevin Shipley

A: There is no such rod. The rod size depends upon the kind of fishing you will do. If you are striper fishing in the northeastern United States or fishing waters for heftier species like dolphin, then large, air-resistant flies are often the best offering. For such fishing you'll need a 10-weight. If you plan to fish for wary redfish, bonefish or seatrout, a 10-weight line crashing to the surface will spook most of them.

The best way to evaluate what you need is to go with a good guide who seeks the kind of fish you do, and ask his advice. Another good source of information is to join a local saltwater fly-fishing club. The members will gladly share advice with you.