Flying High

Carter Andrews is on cloud nine_ with presenting monthly tips and answering your questions _about fly-fishing.

My name is Carter Andrews and couldn’t be more excited about being part of the new fly-fishing addition to Salt Water Sportsman Magazine, with my monthly tips and answers to your questions__ and on, with this blog.

Fly-fishing after all is my biggest passion in life. It is something of a homecoming for me here at SWS, as for decades now, I’ve considered this publication to be the world’s leading resource for all facets of saltwater angling techniques, boats, travel, and tackle. Over the years, I’ve found myself using past and present issues as textbooks, an insider’s guide, and an honest source of information with which to increase my personal success on the water. In making the leap from avid reader to enthusiastic writer and blogger, it is an honor for me to bring my passion and knowledge of saltwater fly-fishing to pages of SWS.

My goal in the coming months is to provide you with specific tips that have helped me to become a more successful fly angler. For the past twenty years, I’ve logged more than 250 days a year on the water, often alongside top-flight anglers. During that time, I’ve worked through many of the obstacles that face saltwater fly-fishermen across a range of locations and species.


I have been able to achieve my success in the fishing world by learning from the people around me. The greatest lesson I’ve learned is that nearly every angler I meet has a trick up his or her sleeve, and we can all continually improve by sharing ideas with each other.

I learn a little bit from each person I spend time with, whether a local bonefish guide on the poling platform in the Bahamas, a salty Cape Codder standing beside me on the jetty, or a well-traveled tuna angler on the bow of my boat in Panama. I am certain that each one of us who identifies as an angler has something to offer.

That’s why I want to hear from you.


I want to gather the tips and techniques that have made you the fly angler you are. I want to open up discussions about all of the exciting elements of our sport: tackle, destinations, conservation, target species. I can assure you, my obsession for all of these aspects is genuine, and I am open to exploring any topic in the saltwater fly-fishing realm.

For me, this chance to share across a tremendous community of people can make us all better at our craft. I hope discoveries to come will make us all more complete anglers, so we can indulge even deeper into our passion.



email me at [email protected]

Carter Andrews is an internationally recognized angler. Winner of the ESPN X Games Flycasting Competition two years in a row, he formerly managed the Crooked Island Bonefish Lodge, and is currently Director of Fishing at Islas Secas Resort in Panama and host of the Outdoor Channel’s “The Obsession of Carter Andrews.”


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