Win a G.Loomis 8-Weight and Nautilus NV 8/9 Reel!

FSW issue contest

FSW issue contest

How did fly-fishing and filmmaking become such a popular combination? I really don’t know but it’s a trend that seems to be growing each year. More and more fly anglers are grabbing the video camera instead of the rod and are spending hours at a computer editing their footage rather than at a desk tying flies. Could it be because fly-fishermen are more creative people than other types of angler? I think this very well could be the case and I want to see how creative you all can be.

We've kicked around several contest ideas around here and think that we've got a pretty good one in the works. We have dubbed it the FFSW Don't Leave Home Without It Contest. The idea is to take an issue of Fly Fishing in Salt Waters everywhere you go and take a creative photo where the issue is prominently showcased. For example, say you are planning on climbing to the top of Mt. Everest - stuff an issue of the magazine in your pack and take a photo of yourself with it once you've reached the summit. Or, say you bump in to Charlie Sheen walking down Hollywood Blvd - instead of asking for autograph, whip out your mag and have him hold it for a photo. The point is to take Fly Fishing in Salt Waters to far away places and document it with a photo...and don't forget to be creative! (But no Photoshop!)

Start snapping your photos now and check back in soon to where we’ll post the official rules and submission period.

The reader that submits the most creative photo (deemed so by the editors and publishers of FFSW) will win a G. Loomis Cross Current 8-weight rod matched with a Natilus NV 8/9 reel!