Better Than Ever

When i began this job a year and a half ago, I wrote in this space that we'd be making some changes to Salt Water Sportsman. This issue is the culmination of those changes. You're holding what we feel is a better-than-ever SWS.

Some of the highlights include a brand-new section, "ShortCasts," dedicated to delivering you the best how-to information on catching more fish. In it you'll see everything from pro kingfish tactics to the basics of sharpening a hook to knot tips. Every month you'll find information that will make you a better fisherman.

"FishAbility," another new section, is dedicated to boats, power, electronics and gear. You'll notice that we put the products-from boats to fishing lures-through extensive testing whenever possible. Our goal is not to just notify you of new products, but to let you know how these products "fish."

We have made an even stronger commitment to great photography. (Who doesn't like a good fish photo?) Just check out the cover of this issue and our new "TopShot" section on page 56 to see what I'm talking about.

Finally, we've tried to involve you, the reader, in as many ways as possible. In addition to "Sportsman's Tips," we're asking you to send us your oddball catches for identification ("What Is It?" page 64), your most difficult fishing questions ("Ask SWS," page 62), your best fish pics ("Pic of the Month," page 22) and your opinions ("SWS Fishing Poll," page 32).

What hasn't changed is our reliance upon our talented contributing editors-George Poveromo, Al Ristori, Gary Caputi, Dave Lear, Robert Sloan and Dave Vedder, among others-and our commitment to helping you become a better fisherman.

We may have put on a new pair of oilskins, but beneath we're still the same friend you've come to trust over the years. In the end, these changes were made to enhance your enjoyment of the magazine. So don't hesitate to tell me what you think-you've never been a bashful bunch.

David Dibenedetto