DIY Bat Chummer

Instead of wiffle balls, this bat launches live baits.

January 19, 2017
fishing rigs and tips
Launch live baits with this tip. Illustration by Steve Sanford


  1. One Wiffle-ball bat

  2. One tube of silicone caulk

fishing rigs and tips
Cut off the end of the bat at a steep angle. Then fill the handle cavity with silicone caulk. Illustration by Steve Sanford


  1. Hold the bat securely and cut off the end at a steep angle with a hacksaw. For a straighter cut, draw the cut line with a ­pencil first.
  2. Fill the cavity of the bat handle with silicone caulk, and wait for it to harden before use. This prevents baits from getting trapped inside.

Note: Grip the bat with both hands (slightly apart) and mimic a casting motion to launch baits a greater distance with minimal effort. Position the longest part of the cut-off end away from the target area for best results.


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