Bag That Bait!


Anglers need their live bait at dawn, but who wants to head out in the morning to chase bait instead of game fish? The best method is to catch live bait the day before your trip and keep it in a homemade live-bait caddy, tied off the dock. Buy an industrial-size laundry bag at a discount store such as Wal-Mart. You"¿ll also need about 13 feet of half-inch-diameter flexible PVC pipe and two butt-to-butt connector fittings of the same size, as well as some nylon wire-ties, some sand and about ten feet of rope. Make two hoops from the PVC that match the inside circumference of the laundry bag. This will take some trial-and-error, but cutting the tubing inch by inch helps to ensure a proper fit. Close off the hoops with the connector fittings. Mount one hoop in the bottom of the bag and one near the top. Fill the bottom hoop with sand before permanently sealing the connector, to give it weight to keep the bag fully submerged. Position the hoop in the bottom of the bag and attach it to the mesh with the wire-ties. Do the same with the top hoop, only make certain it isn"¿t positioned so close to the bag"¿s opening that it prevents the bag from closing all the way. The laundry bag"¿s drawstring and plastic slide lock should keep the bait from escaping. Attach a loop of rope to the mesh with two wire-ties, and now you"¿re ready to go!

-Scott Newhall, Carolina Beach, North Carolina