Arctic Runner

It ties as easily as bucktail and casts well.



Let's face it, new types of natural fly-tying material aren't exactly common, but occasionally a suitable ''new'' material pops up. The Last Hope Fly Tying Company of Iceland has finally released a material that used to be a local secret - Icelandic horsehair.

While horsehair is not exactly new as a tying material, this probably is not the hair you expect. Arctic Runner has the consistency of squirrel tail with the body of bucktail. It actually has two types of fibers - a soft, dense marabou-type underfur and longer stiffer guard hairs - giving it a lively yet solid texture that's perfect for mobile streamers, wings, accents and small bonefish flies. The material remains vibrant and extremely active in the water and is quite durable. It ties as easily as bucktail and casts well.

Arctic Runner comes in a wide variety of colors as well and is available in 4- to 7-inch lengths. The regular size retails for $3.95; the large size is $4.95.

For more information, contact Last Hope Fly Tying Company, Lax-a-house, Vatnsendablettur 181, 203 Kopavogur, Iceland; 00-354-557-6100;