reds n tails

New Orleans Report

Team duo did it again Timmy and Wayne had some double hookups on the Redfish on the shorelines of lake Borgne. The bait was so thick on the shoreline I always wonder why they would even bite on a fly presentation. The Reds they hooked up on today when we brought them into the boat were spitting up small poggies. After a few Reds we decided to try and beat the heat we headed off to hunt for some Tripletails it wasn't long before we found one basking in the sun by Unkown passes channel marker Tim took the fist shot a good cast but the Tail lunged towards the imitation crab then rolled towards the bottom sometimes they will run off and come back up in few minutes but this guy stayed down so we headed on. The next one was a charm Wayne dropped the fly a perfect shot just a little up current and wham the Tail jumped all over the fly after a few jumps we landed him took some pics and released him for another day. We covered a lot of water and caught 2 more Tripletails before we called it a day. A great adventure on Lake Borgne today.
Captain Phillip Rodriguez