New Orleans Report

Evening Reds

Trip 7-14-09 Had a change of pace with the heat building up so quickly in the morning I decided to bring a charter out in the afternoon we left around 6:00 P.M. The winds were light so we were able to work the shore line of Lake Borgne and the Redfish were stacked up at the mouths of the bayous waiting for the falling tide. The Redfish were a little finicky but we still hooked up on a pair but once the tide starting falling around 7:15 they went into a frenzy. During the ride back to the dock we stopped around the lights when we saw bait getting slammed the acrobatic Lady fish and school trout were busting up on rain minnows under the lights the clouser minnow was the ticket. After a few hookups we headed to the dock. The evening was still warm but your not drained from the sun this was a great trip I will probably do more evening trips this time of year.
Captain Phillip Rodriguez