LA marsh west side of the River

Medium sized redfish in abundance in the marshes south of New Orleans


Saturday, May 30. West side of the Mississippi River.
General: Launched at 7am. Water low. Slight north breeze. Clear skies.
Fishing: water was not very clear. In most places it was cloudy brown green with less than 6 inches of viz. Marsh is loaded with bait, sheephead, mullet, crabs and redfish. Early in the morning the redfish were very skitish. By 10am the fish were more agressive. Estimated cast at 30 fish in a half day and hooked and landed 10 fish. Largest was 6 pounds. Most were on the small side in the 15 to 18 inch size range. All fish were caught very near the boat. Water was too cloudy for any distance casting. Crab patterns worked best. All fish caught by Phil Satre.