birding of a different kind

Lower Laguna Madre

It's time to go birding of a different kind down here on the Lower Laguna Madre. We're not talking about Audobon Society birding here. This time of year specific sea gulls in numbers from 1-15 or so group together and cruise certain bays down here for pods of redfish rooting in shallow water. The redfish ball up and literally tear the bottom up very similiar to mudding bonefish. Having torn up the bottom like this will dislodge the many small crustaceons and baitfish leaving them dead or disoreinted. The reds and birds have a feast on the tiny tid-bits. The birds will hover right over the mudding redfish and wait for their turn to feast. This activity usually happens in the early morning and late evening hours. It is truly a blast when it is happening. So, get your binoculars out and go birding of a different kind.
Captain Jim Blackbun
Grand Slam Backcountry Charters