Fishing Report – Week Ending 8/22/2009

Windy but fish to be caught.

August 23, 2009

Fishing Report – week ending 8/22/2009

Luckily hurricane Bill took a turn for the north and headed up the middle of the Atlantic and Ana fizzled out without the much needed rain they predicted. The wind has made for some dirty water conditions but there are fish to be caught.
I fished with fellow captain Bill Faulkner and Marshall DeMott this week. The wind blew steady at 20 plus all day making for some tough conditions and off color water. The fish were there though. Top water flies such as Gartside Gurglers brought some strikes early in the morning. We saw a bunch of snook and reds crashing on small baits in a bay just as the sun was coming up but could not see them laying up due to the water conditions and light. Capt Bill slid his new WhipRay into a bay pushing a bunch of bait against the shore. We saw no less than twenty snook and reds crashing and free jumping as these baits hit the shore. After things settled down we managed a big red and a small snook on this shore. A great day in the Glades with good friends.
Dark patterns that sink a bit continue to be a good bet in these off color water conditions. Throw a top water fly or popper at the creek mouths early or late. There are still lots of snook on the beaches just waiting for small glass minnow imitation.
I have heard a few reports of some big tarpon here and there. A friend put a big fish in the boat last week and I spooked a fish over 100 pounds laid up on the bottom when coming into a bay this week. Keep your eyes open for more of these big fish as fall gets closer.
All the best,
Capt Bill


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