Fishing Report – Week Ending 10/10/2009

Reds on the POI Shrimp

October 12, 2009

Fishing Report- week ending 10/10/2009

So much for the cold front or so it seems. This week was hot and steamy with some record highs in the 90’s for October, but fishing remains good early before it gets warm. I fished Thursday morning and found some tarpon at first light but not showing regularly. Most of the fish were 40-60 pounds with a couple of big guys showing every so often. They were just not rolling regular enough to get a good shot. Look for these fish in the passes at first light.

The tides have been very low this week coming off the full moon, giving some great sight fishing for both snook and reds on the oyster bars. I have found a fair number of reds on these low tides – use a POI Shrimp when sightfishing these guys. I am hoping they will stick around for awhile. Yesterdays fishing found most of the reds toward the outside. We found some fish in the back-bays but the water was very dirty, making them tough to see. Most of the bays we fished had small bunches of glass minnows balled up here and there along the shore. Had one very nice snook on but came unbuttoned after the first run.


There have been a few tarpon off-shore feeding on schools of glass minnows. We found a school of mackerel on Thursday and a few tarpon under them feeding. Look for birds and fish breaking early in the day when the Gulf is calm.

The forecast for the upcoming week is for more of the same warm weather, with a cold front approaching towards the weekend. Everybody is looking for a reprieve from this midday heat – including the fish.
All the best,
Capt. Bill


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