Fishing Report – Week Ending 05/20/2010

Tarpon Fishing Remains Strong

May 20, 2010

Fishing Report – 5/20/2010

This week has been all about tarpon. Earlier this week the conditions were tough with lots of wind making for limited visibility along with a short window for spotting fish rolling in the morning. Tuesday the wind subsided and by Wednesday the water was much clearer and we found fish all day long – from the back bays to the outside bights. Randy Lewis of Laramie Wyoming hooked his first tarpon first thing in the morning. It made a great jump and was gone. A few casts later and a half hour fight we brought a nice 80# fish along side the boat. Congratulations Randy! Flies in both black and orange seem to be the ticket – give one of our Naturals or Jail Bait a try.
In the mean time we are anxiously watching the oil spill in the Gulf and hoping that this mess re-writes the regulation on offshore oil exploration. It has been a month today since the disaster occurred and it has created a slick the size of the state of Ohio on top – who knows what is going on underneath and what the long term effects of this will be. The tar balls found in the Keys have been determined that they did not come from the Deep Water Horizon. We do not expect any immediate effect here in the 10,000 islands but local officials are prepared to deploy boom along our shores should the oil begin to show.
We will keep you posted,
Capt Bill


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