Destin, Navarre, Pensacola Beach Inshore Fishing Report

Inshore Fisherman report for Northwwest Florida

January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!
With this gorgeous weather we have had for the last ten days —NOT— really; all we’ve had has been torrential downpours with all kind of flooding going on. I’ve only been able to fish one day, that’s right one day out of the last thirteen, I’m going crazy!!! Oh well December is gone and now were in 2010 and I’ve grown to expect the adverse weather this time of the year. On the day we did get out the wind was blowing fifteen to twenty out of the north northeast, which made it one of those days that you should’ve stayed home. We were able to catch a couple of those Pensacola bronze beauties, but only by using all my best efforts. It was tough fishing, coming off a ten day low pressure front, going into a short lived high pressure and wind front then right back into a gulf low pressure front bringing in more rain to add to eight inches that we just got. These conditions fellow anglers will test the best of the best in knowledge and skills that are develop over years of fishing all different kinds of weather conditions.

So much for what has been happening; let’s get into what will be in store for January. It will be time for the Bull Reds to start moving out on the beach, sight fishing the Emerald Green waters here in the Florida Panhandle this time of the year is awesome. I just can’t wait for those perfect blue bird sky days with a light north wind and hungry fish roaming the three to four foot of water along the beaches. These fish are in search of the sand fleas that are plentiful this time of the year, along with bait schools that move out of the bay systems to heed the shallow warm clear water along the beaches that can be found out of both Pensacola and East pass.

Flounder fishing will still be strong for the first part of the month as these fish find their way back into the bays. These fish are finishing up their spawn and are HUNGRY. Get around the jetties in both passes and the near shore structure that is holding some bait and you will be successful in your venture for flat fish.


January will be the last month for the Speckled Trout till it reopens in March; these fish are already ganging up in the canals and major feeder rivers to both bays. When we get a two of three day warming spell get out on the flats close to the canals and mouths of the rivers and float a big live bait around for a few hours during the warmest part of the day, the big Gator Trout will be in search of an easy meal and this is a good time to catch one.

Special Thanks to my entire guest list that made my 2009 season a very good one. I hope to see each and every one of you again in the 2010 season.

Remember; if anyone has any special request please let me know, if I don’t know the answers you can bet I know someone that does!


What’s the greatest fishing secret ever? PATIENCE!

I know one thing for sure – You ain’t going to catch’em sittin’ on the couch!!
So get out there, take a kid fishing and have a Blessed Day!
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Capt. Eddie Woodall
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