Butterfly Redfish

Fall brings the redfish into the marsh to stock up for winter

September high tides bring the redfish up into the marsh to feed in large numbers. When I first moved to coastal Georgia an old salt told me that when the butterflies showed up in the fall the fishing turned on. The third week of September brought the butterflies and the fish. Three days of fishing over the weekend proved all the old salts right. The fish were going absolutely crazy, I could hear and see them splashing and tailing from one end of the flat to the other. Getting ready for the coming winter weather by stocking up on fiddlers. None of the fish caught were "keepers", they were all over the size limit for Georgia, not that we would have kept them anyway. The largest went six pounds on the boga grip and the rest were close. Another round of high tides begins this week and continues into October so you know where I will be. The old salt also told me that if a butterfly landed on your rod it was good luck, so I will be looking for butterflies as well as tails.